Financial Planning With a Purpose


At Benzer, we are a private wealth management firm where we develop customized strategies for multi-generational wealth management for successful families and institutions. Many of our clients have sought us out for our proprietary investment management strategies, while others seek our help with their overall wealth management. In either case, we take the time to understand our client's needs and develop solutions. 

We deploy a three pronged approach to Multi-Generational Wealth Management:

  • Estate Planning and Asset Protection: Deploy traditional and innovative tools like Trusts, Partnerships and Business Transitions Strategies

  • Tax Planning: Planning to provide maximum after tax long term value.

  • Investment Management: Proprietary Investment Management philosophy that focuses on low cost and high value.

Our most successful clients and entreprenuers don’t take the most risk - in fact they take the least amount of risk to get the most from their investment
— Salim A. Nathani, Founder