Salim A. Nathani, MBA, CFP®  Founder | Principal

Salim A. Nathani, MBA, CFP®

Founder | Principal

Message from Principal Partner

Welcome to Benzer Capital, a recognized leader in wealth management.

Two of my life’s experiences shape my view of the financial world and the mission of Benzer Capital, a Registered Investment Advisory firm I founded.

First was the untimely demise of my grandfather Jumma Nathani, after which my father Shoukath Jumma Nathani, inherited a thriving and successful business without any guidance or planning at a young and inexperienced age of twenty. My family; one of the wealthiest in the southern Indian city of Madras, went from riches to having only Rs. 300 rupees when my parents landed at the train station in Bombay merely five years later. Aside from wealth, my father inherited foundational principals - good education, ethic of hard work and faith - which in turn helped him persevere and prosper.

Second was my experience interacting with and watching several brokers and “financial advisors” working in a system that had many opportunities for and instances of embedded and inherent conflicts of interest. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner, I found myself spending more and more time on workarounds to identify the best solutions and conflict free products for my clients. Tiring of “asking for permission to do the right thing” I established Benzer Capital as a fiduciary firm where our fundamental principle is to work in our client’s best interest.

Our mission is to partner with our clients and help them preserve wealth for generations – prudently and thoughtfully – through long-term relationship based on independent, fiduciary, trusted and knowledgeable advice.

We provide customized multi-generational wealth strategies for select high-net-worth families, businesses and institutions. We use proprietary processes based on behavioral finance research and apply it to create adherence to long term goals and better long-term investment results. We manage estates, provide asset protection, tax services and investment advice.

Each year we accept a limited number of new full planning relationships based on a capacity review and consensus of our entire staff to continue the tradition of highest quality advice and service to our clients.

We are honored and privileged that you have considered Benzer Capital for the care and continuity of your family, business and institutional wealth. I invite you to connect with our team which comprises of highly qualified individuals, to learn about our innovative and proprietary planning processes, research and methodology and to experience our excellent service first hand. Doing so will ensure that you feel confident when choosing Benzer Capital as your Private Wealth Adviser.

To Your Success,

Salim A. Nathani, MBA, CFP®

Founder | Principal